The aim of the festival is to encourage investors, architects and interior designers to work on their projects in collaboration with artists. The festival promotes wider introduction of art into private space, public space and commercial buildings.

We invite investors, artists and architects to submit to the festival competition both private and commercial projects created in some kind of cooperation between all three parties, that resulted in introducing artworks, in the broad sense of the word, into the designed space.
Awards will be granted to exceptional projects that succeed in attractive introducing art into architecture.
The evaluation criteria and the competition procedure are specified in the regulations. The festival aims to promote broader introduction of art into private and public space, as well as commercial buildings, the purpose of which is to increase the attractiveness of new investments. Promotion of the best projects submitted to the competition will be carried out on the competition portal and among media patrons supporting the Art in Architecture festival.

The festival includes:
- review of projects submitted to the Art in Architecture Festival
- competition of projects submitted to Art in Architecture festival
- presentation of Golden Statues to the winners of the competition - investors and architects of the awarded projects
- presentation of Special Awards to artists whose works have been included in each of the awarded projects
- promotion on the festival website of the achievements of artists whose works have been included in each of the awarded projects
- interviews with the Masters of Art in Architecture

Art in architecture Festival

Golden Statues
Leonardo Da Vinci

of Competition Art in architecture Festival

The competition will be held in the following 5 categories:
Festival regulations

JURY FESTIWALU Art in architecture Festival

Art in Architecture 2023
Abour Jury
Przemo Łukasik

Przemo Łukasik was born in Chorzów in 1970. He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. He also studied at the Ecole d'Architecture Paris-Villemin in Paris, France. After graduation he worked in the offices of: P.P. Pabel Architekten in Berlin and the Paris offices of Jean Nouvel Architecture and Odile Decq / Benoit Cornette. In 1997, together with Łukasz Zagała, he founded his own architectural studio MedusaGroup. For a year he lectured at the Ecole Speciale d'Architecture in Paris. Privately, he is strongly associated with sport - he practices triathlon, he is also socially involved in Silesia

Winner of the Art in Architecture Festival 2020
in the HOTEL category

Chairman of the Jury
of the Art in Architecture festival 2023

Oskar Zięta
Architect / Artist

Born in 1975, Oskar Zięta is an architect, artist, craftsman and process designer as well as founder of Zieta Studio.
He lives and works in Wroclaw, Poland. He holds a PhD from the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich. He teaches at the School of Form SWPS.
He is the author of the iconic PLOPP stool (2007), as well as numerous functional forms such as G-Console, Chippensteel 0.5, RONDO, TAFLA, OKO mirrors.
He also creates architectural sculptures designed by parametric method. His urban sculpture NAWA, unveiled on the Dali Island in Wroclaw in 2017, was nominated for the prestigious European Mies van der Rohe Award. He is also the creator of the tallest sculpture in public space in Poland called WIR (Warsaw 2017).
In 2021, his Ultraleggera chair, the lightest chair in the world, was awarded the Red Dot Product Design Award.

Marta Sękulska-Wrońska

Architect, partner and CEO of the WXCA Architecture Office, President of the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, member of the Competition Judges Council of the Polish Architect’s Association, architect of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland. Marta Sękulska-Wrońska specializes in complex public facilities, urban spaces and commercial developments. Her design practice is based on recognition of natural and social context with an aim to be an integrating platform of dialogue. She is a co-author of the design of the award-winning Polish Pavilion at Expo 2020 (Dubai, UAE). She also co-authored one of the largest museum complexes in Europe – the Polish Army Museum and the Museum of Polish History in Warsaw. Along with the team of the WXCA Architecture Office, she was nominated for the EU Mies van der Rohe Award for the European Center for Geological Education in Chęciny and the Memorial Museum in Palmiry.

Krystyna Łuczak - Surówka
Historian and critic of design

For more than twenty years, she has been practicing the virtually nonexistent profession of design historian and critic in Poland. A graduate of the Institute of Art History at the Jagiellonian University, where she was the first to defend her master's thesis and then the first to defend her doctoral dissertation on the history of Polish design. Lecturer at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology.
Author of many publications on the history and theory of design. Curator of exhibitions and juror in 3D design competitions. Independent consultant of image and implementation projects and strategies for companies and institutions. Expert and collector of Polish design. Co-founder of the Polish brand VZÓR, which restores the classics of Polish furniture design. Professionally, she explores what she believes in - the powers of design hidden in values and emotions. Privately, she is a lover of live fur wraps, cars and the magic of everyday life. In life and at work, she follows a principle in her words: the most important thing is to see, not just look. For years she has been called #panioddesignu

Aleksander Jankowski
Interior Architect

In 2002, together with Agata Opyrchał (a graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow), he founded the JIO studio, which he co-owns. Member of Pro SAW, Association of Interior Designers. He studied at the Faculty of Architecture of the Warsaw University of Technology. As part of JIO's commercial activities, www.jio.pl has completed more than 800 residential interior projects. The company's specialty is the development of interiors of houses, apartments and residences. At the JIO studio, contemporary art is promoted, understood as a primary element accompanying design decisions. He is responsible for the organization and implementation of training initiatives for architects affiliated with SAW www.saw.org.pl Among members - practitioners, experienced artists and architects, he develops professional standards for interior architects. Member of the Oleandrów Association www.oleandrow.pl, within the framework of which social actions are taken to improve the urban space of the vicinity of Unii Lubelskiej Square and the southern section of Marszałkowska Street.

Agnieszka Leszczyńska - Mieczkowska
Artist/Designer/Art Historian/Exhibitor

Born in 1978, a graduate of Art History at the University of Gdansk and the Academy of Fine Arts, where she also completed postgraduate studies in dialogic architectural design based on interdisciplinary art activities under the direction of Prof. Jacek Dominiczak. As a university lecturer, she has created an original program in specialty design and art in architectural design at the Faculties of Architecture and Interior Design. Owner of Art and Design Studio and Art Gallery called Art in Architecture established in 2006. A member of Pro SAW, the Association of Interior Designers. In her realizations, she combines her own artistic activity, design and promotion of the activities of various artists from many fields, including music, theater and dance. She signs her artistic objects with the artistic pseudonym AINA.

Bartosz Haduch

Architect, academic teacher, publicist, winner of numerous architectural competitions, awards and scholarships. He is the author of many publications (including Mark-Magazine, Domus, Wallpaper and A&B) and books ("Architectourism - Spain", "Herzog de Meuron. Architects (and) artists", "Jean Nouvel. Ar(t)architecture" "). After studies and professional practice in the Netherlands, Spain and Austria, he started design work in Krakow.
Since 2009, he has been running the NArchitekTURA group, combining activities in the field of urban planning, architecture, landscape design, design and graphics. The most important projects of the studio include : arrangements for exhibitions of works by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Hokusai and Wyspiański, the Apartment of the Future in Dobrodzień and the Contemplatorium in the Benedictine Abbey in Tyniec. One of the projects - the Memorial Park in Oświęcim was among the 40 final European projects as part of the Mies van der Rohe Award 2022. In In 2010, Wallpaper magazine recognized NAarchitekTURA as one of the 30 most interesting young studios in the world.

Weronika Libiszowska
Interior Architect

Managing Partner at Boris Kudlička with Partners, a studio respected in Poland and around the world; Interior architect, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Her professional relationship with Boris Kudlicka began in 2014, when she joined the team to lead the Raffles Europejski Hotel project. She sees turning dreams into reality as the main challenge in the design process. Constantly struggles with the elements of time and unpredictability to bring projects to successful completion.

Marta Zielińska

Since 2016, member of the team responsible for preparing Poland's participation in the World Exhibitions. During the Expo 2017 Astana International Exhibition, she was responsible for cooperation with the Exhibition Organizer, local government units and the work of the Polish Pavilion staff. During the Expo 2020 Dubai World Exhibition, she was responsible for coordinating the promotion program of Polish regions and building the involvement of the scientific community. As part of the Regional Promotion Program, the Podlasie temporary exhibition Xylopolis was carried out with a painting by Leon Tarasewicz, awarded in the 4th edition of the ART in Architecture festival 2022 in the Exhibition category, along with the construction of the Polish Pavilion for the Expo 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai.
Marta Zielińska is currently the Deputy Director in the Expo Osaka Department, coordinating the regional promotion program and Polish science at Expo 2025. She is also involved in the work on the architectural concept and internal exhibition of the Polish Pavilion and the program for the promotion of Polish culture in Japan.

Ivo Nikić
Visual Artist

He was born in 1974 in Pristina. In 2003, he obtained his diploma in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the studio of prof. Jarosław Modzelewski. His work includes painting, photography, installations, objects, video and actions in urban space. He is interested in cityscape, corporeality, music, waste and aesthetic discrepancies.
He draws from street art style - stencils and spray paints - which he combines with glazing techniques and texture painting. He is inspired by the sampling technique used in music.
Since 2001, he has been co-creating [together with Piotr Kopik and Karol Radziszewski] the szu szu group. In 2006, he was a scholarship holder of the Artist-In-Residence in Bern, Switzerland. He participated in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Poland (CSW Zamek Ujazdowski, BWA Zielona Góra, Galeria Studio, Galeria Arsenał in Poznań, Fokus Łódź Biennale) and abroad (including: Humboldt Berlin, Umspannwerk; Bat-Yam International Biennale of Landscape Urbanism in Israel; Rotor in Graz, Tokyo Fashion Week, participated in Autostrada Biennale in Kosovo in 2023.

Krzysztof Renes

Creator of the sculpture series Universale, Space Penetrations, and Event Horizons. Popularizer of science and art. Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw at the Faculty of Sculpture in 2015. and Sociology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University 2009. He belongs to the third generation of a family of sculptors and metal craftsmen. Awarded the first prize at the Art in Architecture festival 2022 in the Private Space category. He is one of the most interesting contemporary artists according to the Future Now - 100 ranking. He was also appreciated by the Aesthetica Art Prize for the Universale 2016 series and in the International Sports and Art Competition in 2012. Originator and organizer of the academic project Granice Rzeźby 2012. and co-creator of the Perseidalia 2013 science and art festival. Creator of the set design for the ballet at the Grand Theater as part of the Creations 15 series. Author of sculptures in the space of the ORLEN Research and Development Center. He cooperates with business and the sports market, creating trophies and statuettes for elite events. He participated in numerous exhibitions, fairs and art shows in Poland and abroad.

Maria Miland
Art in Architecture festival

Interior designer, university lecturer, graduate of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in the department of interior design. She gained design experience in renowned studios both in Warsaw and Barcelona. Observing various types of art, present at almost every step in Western European cities, she saw a great need of promoting it in the Polish market. These observations gave birth to the idea of getting involved in the Art in Architecture Festival project, which she co-created and coordinated together with the Foundation for Social and Cultural Innovation. Member of the Association of Interior Designers SAW.


The needs of users of architectural objects are changing. The modern user is not only looking for functionality, quality and comfort - he wants the space he is in to move and inspire him. He thirsts for aesthetic impressions, experiences and participation. He chooses objects that meet these needs. The source of the sought-after experiences and impressions is undoubtedly art, which is increasingly present in world architecture, giving a unique, recognizable character to the most popular objects, both solids and interiors.

Their atmosphere is created through well-integrated spatial installations, murals, painting and sculpture. It is the result of cooperation between investors, architects and artists. Art increases the attractiveness of buildings and increases their prestige, which results in greater popularity. For investors, art is helpful in branding, public relations, and promoting facilities.
Art in Architecture festival is a very good occasion to find out what is needed to introduce art into architecture with excellent result, what aspects of cooperation between architects, investors and designers are crucial to multidimensional success of the project. The festival will be an opportunity to meet people who deserve to be called masters of Art in Architecture. They will share their knowledge and experience giving interviews, which will soon be available on our website.

Among the Masters who accepted our invitation are architects: Andrzej Chołdzyński of AMC Andrzej M. Chołdzyński, Przemo Łukasik of Medusa Group, Maciej Miłobędzki and Andrzej Sidorowicz of JEMS Architekci.


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