Regulations of the ART in Architecture Festival 2022 Competition


1. General information

The competition is international and open.

The aim of the competition is to select the best projects including artistic installations in interiors or outdoor spaces in the following categories:

Apartment / House

Public space





2. Organizer of the Competition

The organizer of the Competition is the Foundation for Social and Cultural Innovation.

The Organizer of the Competition shall ensure the proper conduct of the Competition.


3. Conditions of participation

The Art In Architecture Competition is an open competiton.

Participants in the competition may be individuals or teams of authors bound by an agreement to implement a joint project. With regard to team works, the condition for participation in the competition is to clearly indicate the representative of the team, authorized to act on behalf of its members.

The project submitted to the contest must be the author’s work of the contest participant.

Each individual or team of authors may submit an unlimited number of projects to the competition.

Projects must be finished by November 30, 2022. Projects completed in earlier years may also be submitted.

Participants in the Competition take responsibility for the submitted project and declare that they own all copyrights to it. Jurors are excluded from submitting their projects.

Project submission is free of charge.


4. Entry to the competition

The condition for acceptance is the submission of the project on the application form. Only the photos of the project implementation will be accepted, not its visualizations.

The application form must be sent by November 30, 2022 by midnight (the date of delivery is decisive).

Projects can only be submitted electronically: in JPGE or PDF format, with the total size of all submitted works up to 20MB. The form allows for uploading separately 6 attachments, which in the form of a return confirmation email will be sent back to the person submitting the project.

Physically submitted photos will not be returned. Only the winners selected by the Jury in the second stage of the competition will be asked to submit higher resolution photos. Submitting the photos will be possible via WeTransfer, not via the application form.


5. By submitting a project application form for the competition, each participant of the Competition simultaneously agrees to transfer to the Organizer, free of charge, the copyright covering the following fields of exploitation:

a) recording and/or reproduction by any technique, including but not limited to printing, on photographic film, on magnetic tape, on floppy disk, digitally,
b) introduction into computer memory and into a computer and/or multimedia network
c) making it available to the public in such a way that anyone can access it at a place and time of their choosing (including making it available on the Internet),
d) public exhibition and display
e) making elaborations
f) free use in publications, exhibitions and films – exclusively within the framework of the Organizer’s statutory objectives.


6. Evaluation of Competition works

The projects submitted to the Competition will be evaluated in terms of formal requirements, as well as artistic qualities, capturing the idea of introducing art into architecture, and interpretation of the theme by the Competition Jury appointed by the Organizer.

The decisions of the Competition Jury are final and indisputable. The verdict cannot be appealed.

The Organizer reserves the right not to select a winner if none of the works receives a positive opinion of the Jury.

The results of the Competition will be announced on December 15, 2022, during the Gala, which will be held in the Auditorium of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 37


7. Competition schedule

Deadline for submissions: November 30, 2022, midnight

Announcement of results to the public: no later than December 15, 2022. Winners will be informed of the nomination on December 7, 2022 after the Jury deliberations.

Winners of the competition: investors and architects of the best projects will receive the Golden Leonard.  Special awards will also go to all artists whose works will be included in the nominated projects.


8. Final Provisions

Any disputes related to the competition will be resolved by the Organizer.

These regulations are available on the Organizer’s website:
Any changes to these regulations must be approved by the Organizer by a separate order.

The Organizer reserves the right to change the deadlines for the submission of works and the settlement of the competition, as well as to cancel the competition in case:
a) – when none of the competition works are submitted,
b) – when none of the submitted competition works meets the terms and conditions of the regulations,
c) – unsatisfactory artistic level of the competition works,
d) – situations beyond the control of the Organizer
Participants of the Competition agree to the processing of their personal data. Participation in the competition is tantamount to reading these regulations and agreeing to the conditions contained therein.


Dr Józef Chwedorowicz

Director of Art in  Architecture festival